A brief overview of a hot air balloon flight:

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Meeting Point: Upon arrival at the meeting point a small helium balloon is sent into the sky to establish the direction and suitability of the winds, this will then determine where the balloon will be launched.

Briefing: Once arriving at the launch site the winds are verified, and passengers briefed about the flight and safety procedures.

Inflation: The balloon envelope basket and burners are unpacked assembled and laid out in the launch field. The balloon envelope will now be filled with air by a large fan, once the envelope is full, the burners are lit and hot air is blasted into the envelope forcing the balloon to stand up, this whole process takes around 30 minutes.

Take Off: All pre flight check are made and passengers enter the balloon, the pilot will heat the balloon further and the balloon will slowly rise into the sky above.

The Flight: Enjoy a peaceful relaxing flight, normally at different heights, floating along just above the ground and trees and up much higher experiencing the wonderful countryside and views only possible from a hot air balloon ride. The flights normally last one hour but it will always vary.

The Landing - The Pilot lets the envelope cool to enforce a controlled descent, as the balloon approaches the ground the Pilot will break the fall by short blasts of heat to ensure a soft landing. When the Pilot feels it is safe, the passengers will be instructed to disembark, the balloon deflated and packed away, and you will then be taken back to the meeting point.