Hot Air Balloon Flights in Arcos

One of Andalucias most dramatically positioned pueblos blancos (white villages), Arcos de la Frontera balances atop a rocky limestone ridge, its whitewashed houses and stone castle walls stopping abruptly as a sheer cliff face plunges down to the fertile valley of the river Guadalete below, lined with olive and orange groves.

Declared a national historic-artistic monument in 1962 in recognition of its exceptional architecture and impressive location, the old town is a tangled labyrinth of cobbled streets that lead up to a sandstone castle, the Castillo de los Arcos. As youd expect from such a spectacular vantage point, there are exhilarating views over the town and the rolling plain below.

Although its time under the Moors was one of its most successful, Arcos has had a long history of occupation, as shown by the discovery of numerous archaeological remains from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Tartessian, Phoenician and Roman periods.

There is also a reservoir (embalse), the Lago de Arcos and part of the reservoir is a protected area, the Cola del Embalse de Arcos Natural Area where grey, purple and night herons, egrets, ospreys and otters make their home.

Thanks to Arcos unique mountainous position, we can enjoy magnificent panoramic views from a hot air balloon. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the farmhouses, the forests, the village, the castle, the amazing lookout points

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