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Advertising Balloons

* please note that these balloons are not operated by us they are just examples!

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Why does advertising on a hot air balloon work so well?

No other advertising media can compete with the impact of a large hot air balloon appearing in the sky above, adverts on a hot air balloon always draw attention, the public never loses fascination with them! Statistics have proved that the recall rate for advertising on a hot air balloon is greater than other form of advertising. At large ballooning events tens of thousands of people see the balloon, and where there is media coverage, the number increases beyond belief. Imagine a balloon as the world's largest billboard. It's difficult to miss and because it is in the sky draws immediate attention. On occasions people follow a balloon for long distances just to get a closer look. How many people would look at a billboard for more than a few seconds or will record a TV advert?

More than just an advertisement

For building brand or product awareness hot air balloons are outstanding, providing other substantial benefits in addition to its advertising value. The hot air balloon could fly competition prize winners, journalists, staff, and customers. You could run a promotional campaign alongside the balloon or run competitions to win flights. PR coverage can be further enhanced if your balloon sets a record of some kind, or an out-and-out publicity stunt. Your balloon could compete in the Spanish Championships, take part in an expedition to Morocco, Mongolia etc, attend a balloon meet in Red Square. All events such as these offer excellent media.

The media is always interested

Television companies cover major ballooning events valuing the interest and attraction that hot air balloons create. Compared to other forms of advertising, advertising on a hot air balloon works out more effective with lower cost per thousand of public reached. Newspaper and magazine editors have a similar interest in balloon events, with events regularly reported and recorded with photographs.

Hot Air Balloons are the only advert that people photograph

Hot air balloons are flying billboards that the public, press and TV adore, balloons never fail to attract attention, appearing in numerous photos and videos, or instigate conversations like, did you see the balloon yesterday? Balloon images are remembered for a long time.

Cost effective design and build option:

With the aid of computer design it is now possible to achieve huge, lifelike balloons, a perfect duplication of the product, ready to float over any market, conveying your message with unique highly visual impact. Cost of the balloon varies and is obviously dependent upon artwork, shape and size, but the most cost effect package that we are proposing for a hot air balloon capable of carrying 3 persons, including the pilot, would cost between 35,000€ to 45,000€, This is the initial investment and dependent upon use, but should have a life of between 3 to 5 years.

Events and annual costs:

Again this is dependent upon the size of the balloon, and the number and location of the events, but we would suggest an annual events budget of between 35,000€ and 50,000€.

Other balloon options:

The size and type of balloon is dependent upon the activities required. Would you prefer a special shape constructed in the shape of your product? Would you wish the balloon to fly at major events for maximum exposure and just take up an occasional passenger? Or would you desire the balloon to regularly fly corporate guests, staff or customers? There are obviously many different possibilities, but this document is just a summary of what a hot air balloon can offer the your company.

Major event locations for 2007:

Advertising on a hot air ballon in Spain. We appreciate that some of these dates have already passed but we have included them by way of an example of what coverage is possible over a full calendar year. We also list details of the Spanish championships (which does receive excellent media coverage), and because we are based in Spain could be undertaken more cost effective and combined with other major European events if required.

Date (2007) Event Place Country
15-23 Jan 28ème.Semaine de Ballons Château-d'Oex Switzerland
20-22 Jan VI Festival de Granada Granada Spain
10-14 Mar Open villa de Madrid Madrid Spain
7-9 April XXIII trofeu mercat del ram Vic Spain
14-15 May X Trobada aerostatica Cardedeu Spain
29-30 June VIII Gran premi del Valles Rubi Spain
12-16 July European Balloon Festival 2006 Igualada Spain
26-30 July Mobilux Trophy 2006 Echternach Luxembourg
27 July/Aug 5 Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons 2007 Lorraine France
3-6 Aug XIV Coupe d'Europe Blanzac France
24-27 Aug VI Regata de la Vendimia (La Rioja) Haro Spain
1-10 Sept XVI Warsteiner International Warstein Germany
14-17 Sept I campeonato de Euskadi Vitoria Spain
16-17 Sept Festa del cel 2006 Barcelona Spain
27 Sept/1 Oct XXIII Campeonato de España Villamartín Spain
29 Sept/1 Oct X Open de Aranjuez Aranjuez Spain
6-15 Oct 35 Albuquerque balloon fiesta Albuquerque USA
9-12 Oct XXIII Campionat de Catalunya Tarrega Spain
18-22 Oct XIV Copa del Rey Cala Millor Spain
28 Oct/5 Nov Saga international Balloon Fiesta Saga Japan
4-12 Nov X International Balloon Festival Cabeco de Vide Portugal
9-10 Dec XIV Travessa dels Pantans Vila Nova de Sau Spain

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We hope that you have found this introduction to the excellent advertising opportunities informative, and you are now interested in discussing in more detail advertising on a hot air balloon.

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