Frequently Asked Questions About Balloon Flights In Spain

How experienced is the Pilot?

All Pilots who fly commercially in Spain have to accumulate experience by building up at least a certain number of private flying hours, once this is achieved they have to pass stringent practical and written examinations, then they are licensed to fly commercially by the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority, so you will be in very safe hands.

Where and how will we meet?

All the arangements such as where we will meet will be discussed on booking confirmation. All the arangements such as where we will meet will be discussed on booking confirmation.

Meeting Point

Normally, on the night before the flight, passengers should contact their pilot(or the other way round??) so as to confirm that the weather conditions for the morning (or evening) will be suitable. They will then be told where to meet and at what time. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and possible old or flat shoes as you will be climbing in and out of the basket, and possibly into fields which may still be damp from dew or recent rain. For those gentlemen who are a little 'thin on top', they may wish to wear a cap or hat.

What if the weather conditions are bad?

If the weather is bad and you are unable to fly on your preferred and alternative flight dates you will receive a 100% refund.

Who can fly?

A balloon flight is suitable for most people. Obviously, passengers have to be able enough to hop into the basket before take off, but this is normally not a problem for most, as a helping hand is always available!. It is advisable that passengers or any children should be at least 1.45m in height and able to stand for an hour or so without problems, so as to appreciate the views from the basket. Pregnant women and anyone with a more serious medical condition should check with their doctor first too to be on the safe side.

Why is the flight so early?

Flights take place early in the morning or end of the afternoon to avoid thermal activity, which occurs in normal conditions two and a half to three hours after sunrise.

Will I get cold?

Temperature during the flight is slightly superior to the ambient temperature. Though temperature drops as we go up, the regular use of the burner helps maintaining the temperature in the basket slightly superior to the one outside.

Refund Policy

Your deposit will be fully refundable if we are unable to fly due to weather conditions. If you decide to cancel the booking before the flight for any other reason the deposit will be non refundable.

What should I wear?

Casual clothing suited to time of year. Shoes should be enclosed and flat.

I have vertigos, will I be afraid to fly or feel bad during the flight?

Vertigos are the result of static electricity accumulation in the body. In the balloon as there is no real engine and no connection to land, there is no way of receiving it. Consequently vertigos simply do not exist.