Hot Air Balloon Flights in Mallorca

Hot Air Balloon Rides In Palma Mallorca, Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands with 554 km of coastline. Due to it's geological formation, the variety of scenery on this island is stunning. The first thing which attracts your attention will be the craggy, limestone Tramuntana Mountain range, formed by a line of mountains running parallel to the north west coast, the highest of which is Puig Major.

The mountains give way to a coastline of tiny villages, sand, pebble and rock beaches. Each in turn is surrounded by the imposing mountain range. The mountains are the source of the island's fresh water which courses down to the islands growing regions where orange, clementine and lemon trees grow. There are also long hillside terraces side by side with the olives and sweet wine producing grapes of the island. At the height of 1000-1500 feet you will see the whole island and maybe even the neighbouring islands Cabrera and Menorca.

Contrary to the common idea of Majorca being a heavily developed stretch of beach lined with resorts, hotels and restaurants, you will see lovely white sand beaches which have remained untouched by developers. Other sites to look out for during your flight are the Salbufera Wetlands, where hundreds of birds flock; Cuber Lake which is frequented by wild birds; the antique train which runs through the Spanish countryside between Palma and Soller; the large 14th century Bellver castle overlooking Palma and the royal palace.

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