Balloon Flights in Manresa

Manresa is located in the centre of Catalonia, with a population of just 67,000. Nowadays it is an industrial area with textile, metallurgical and glass industries. It is also a place of pilgrimage for Catholics as in 1522 the famous saint, Ignatius stopped to pray here on his way back from the nearby monastry of Monserrat.

The area used to be a very important wine growing region, until it was blighted as a consequence of phylloxera, the disease which attacks grapes. It still is involved with wine production but the acres of disused terraces can still be seen over the area.

Manresa suffered much damage as a result of being invaded in 1808 during the Napoleonic invasion. After Napoleon’s troops had retreated, the city was rebuilt with the rubble, which gives a lot of the buildings their unique look.

Manresa also suffered in the 12th century when eruptions took place between the Christians and Jews, when in 1325, the Christians tried to prevent the Jews making their Passover bread. They appealed to the king but unfortunately during the general persecution of 1391, many converted to Christianity and the remainder fled.

Famous land marks of Manresa are the three bridges which cross the Cardener River, and the 14th century basilica of Santa Maria. The museum is housed now in the cloisters of the church of Sant Ignas, below which is the cave wherethe saint prayed and meditated.

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