Hot Air Balloon Rides in Antequera

In the heart of Andalucia is the monumental city of Antequera, whose privileged location makes it one of the most accessible flying zones in the region. From the air you can see fertile plains and farmhouses surrounded by open fields leading to Cordoba and Seville.

Discover the Pena de los Enamorados (the stone of the lovers or lovers lep), an 880m high limestone crag. The name originates from a legend about a love affair between a Moorish princess and her Christian convict lover who chose to hurl themselves off the cliff top rather than being separated by advancing Moorish troops. To the west lies the immense Laguna de la Fuente de Piedra (Rock Creek Lagoon) the most important spot for nesting of the pink flamingo in the Iberian Peninsula. Back on the ground, admire El Torcal Park Nature Reserve.

The Parks 17 square km contain some of the most beautiful and impressive limestone landscapes in Europe. The whole area was under sea until one hundred million years ago. Then the violent movements of the Earth's crust forced it upward into hills and mountains and over millions of years the rain and wind have been able to chisel away at the layers to form incredible shapes. From the highest viewing point you can see the whole of the El Torcal Park and the Africa Coastline.

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