Hot Air Balloon Rides In Elche

Hot Air Balloon Rides In Elche, Spain
Hot Air Balloon Rides In Elche, Spain

Hot Air Balloon Rides In Elche Costa Blanca, Due to the mountainous nature and dense orange groves of the Costa Blanca, theElche area is currently the only location that we currently fly in the Costa Blanca. The take-off field is in the vicinity of Catral, depending on the wind direction on the day in question. The flight provides fantastic views over the Elche area, looking down on the towns of Catral, Dolores and Almoradi, and if the wind permits, views over the national park and salt lakes, for which the area is renown.

We fly two sizes of balloons, the first is a two passenger basket for private and VIP flights, and our other accommodates 6 to 7 passengers. This is ideal for groups or several couples. We do not believe in larger, less personal balloons that some of the larger companies operate, and all of our equipment is new and of the highest quality.

A hot air balloon flight is an event for which you should allow up to 4 hours in total, with the flight generally taking around 1 hour, ( this is a guideline, and is dependent on locating a suitable landing site).

Once passengers have met us at a given point, we will check the wind direction, and then travel to the launch field. Once here, the process of inflation will begin, firstly with cold air, then the hot air, and the balloon will rise to its vertical form, ready for the passengers to get in. Safety checks are performed and passengers briefed as to landing procedures. When this is done, the balloon will rise, and the peaceful, scenic journey will begin.

The retrieve vehicle will follow the route of the balloon, staying in contact via radio, and make its way to meet the balloon when it lands, bringing a welcome glass of champagne to toast your adventure!

Cost per person 195€
Cost for a VIP flight for two 795€